HAITIAN PAINTINGS,ARTS AND CRAFTS SOUVENIRS "No country has paralleled Haiti's unique painting phenomenon, a fact which puzzled many art historians. It's large number of full time and part-time artists, ranging from the very bad to the excellent, supplies a constant demand. Tourists visiting the island, attracted by the paintings'vivid colors and exotic subjects..." (Eva Pataki) Buy one or more of these beautiful items as the unforgettable souvenirs from HAITI, the Dream Island: We bring them to you... at your doorstep...Enjoy the beauty of Haitian Paintings, Arts & Crafts... Haiti, the Dream Country!
Souvenir # 17
Very colorful little animal. Good for children and teachers. Excellent for children and adults rooms. Tiny size: 6"x2"

Souvenir # 18
Little animal made in wood. Very colorful and beautiful. Great for children and also good to decorate the patio

Souvenir # 19
colorful little animal. Great for children and teachers. Also excellent to decorate children and aduls rooms. Tiny size 6"x2"

Souvenir #22
Metal decorative license plate. Haitian Flag design with a powerful message <>. Great for all type of vehicles.

Souvenir # 23
Painted calabash bowl(coui). Great for lobby, room and patio decorations. There are a variety of motifs, abstract designs, ritual symbols, human and animal figures. Small and medium sizes available

Souvenir # 22
Sold out

Souvenir 20
Little colorful animal. Good for children an teachers. Also excellent for chlidren an adults rooms. Size 6"X2".

Souvenir # 16
Little animal. Very colorful. Good for children and teachers for demonstration and study. Also excellent to decorate children and adults room. Same sizes(6"X2")

Souvenir # 9
Tap-tap with fruit basket Also on display at Libreri Mapou 5919 NE 2nd Ave in Miami

Plate in Metal
Decorated in color. The piece is in metal with a hook to facilitate its hanging on the wall.

Flower Bouquet (metal)
Bouquet of flowers, Good to affix on mural

Haitian Flag - sticker
Good for cars, sticker Bumper

Souvenir 14
little colorful animal good for children, teachers and also can be used as room decorations

Souvenir # 15
little animal, Good for children and teachers. Also can be used as room decorations. Made with wood

Souvenir #1
Beautiful ceramic piece with haitian peasant vendors. Good as hanging wall in rooms, patios, alleys.

Souvenir #2
very nice piece of ceramic with the Haitian flag effigy. Great to hang on halls, patios, and rooms

Souvenir #3
Nice piece in ceramic with the pitures of 3 musicians playing music..

paysage in plywood
Piece in plywood. Nicely decorated. Good for mural

CD Car

CD 3

CD # 4
Bagt Mayango The latest CD of maestro Pierre-Antoine Jules. It's mariage of compas music and rasin. Very original. The hit: Chimen Limy. The texts are very powerful and the message direct. Great gift!.

CD # 5
Jean-Michel Daudier author of the popular song <>. He was born in Haiti, imigrated in US. Currently he is living in Miami. Great Musician. He sings and plays gitar and Keyboard. He has played soft music in several restaurants in New York and Miami. He just moved to Miami. He just published his second Cd : <>. Buy the new CD or for your private party, contract the artist directly on this site or call 305-757-9922

Cd- Souvenir # 1
decoration for cars. Look like a normal CD with the Haitian flag in the middle.

Kremas Mapou is the best in town, the best of Miami according to New Times. Kremas Mapou is homemade. The receipe is a family secret. This kremas does not need to be refrigerated. Keep in normal temperature, it will stay fresh for ever. The more it lasts, the tastier it is. Mapou brings the Haitian flavor to South Florida coasts. Great Gift. Drink it with or without ice. Available in small bottle @ $1.- medium @ $7.- and big ones @ 14.-<> Kremas Mapou is exclusively on sale at Libreri Mapou Bookstore 5919 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami. You CANNOT order this product on this site. We will NOT deliver. You have to come and pick it up yourself if you live in Miami. If you live Out of Town... tell a friend to buy it for you.H un-hun good... You will lick youn fingers!

Kremas small bottle
See Kremas big Bottle for description and how to order. Not Available on the site. Must be pick-up directly at Libreri Mapou Bookstore located at 5919 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Fl. 33137. Tel.: 305-757-9922

Souvenir # 26
Beautiful piece in metal called <> Great decoration for the house